zzzquil And What Keeps Us Awake At Night

Why do we read blogs? We like them because they are not a traditional form of media. It is a platform for the bloggers' opinions. Blogs are not owned by a company. We don't have to worry about a blogger shilling for a big brand. I see a lot of bloggers reviewing products in an overly positive light. In fact, I don't think I've seen one negative review about anything! The whole point of blogs is that people get to share their honest opinion.

What sets me apart from a big-name, famous fashion blogger is that I share my opinion without worrying about upsetting someone. Brands do not sponsor this blog, and all opinions stated here are my own.


The Good And Bad

I was recently sent a sample of zzzquil for consideration. I want to write my review as honestly and as accurately as possible.

Having taken this sleep aid before, I knew that it was basically Benadryl. Benadryl is the brand name for diphenhydramine, an allergy medication that acts as an anticholinergic. The bad thing about this drug is that it prevents your brain from sending certain signals to other cells. It passes the blood-brain barrier causing drowsiness.

Zzzquil markets this drug as a sleep aid. Advertising this drowsiness side effect as the purpose of the drug. I find this problematic. Diphenhydramine is an allergy medication, yet zzzquil sells the exact same drug for a different purpose.

This country has a tremendous healthcare problem. It ranges from lack of affordable care, to big name pharmaceutical companies creating customers rather than cures. A big corporation such as Nyquil should have more respect for the public's trust. I believe it constitutes drug misuse to take diphenhydramine for anything other than its main purpose -- to stop allergies. I feel like it is condoning incorrect usage of certain medications to suggest a consumer take a higher dose of a product to achieve a different result.

What zzzquil can do is add more transparency to this product, so that users understand exactly what drugs they are putting in their body -- we know no one reads those long papers that come in the package.

Zzzquil is relatively tame. Compared to prescription sleeping pills, which contain some nightmare ingredients, this drug is nothing. It was a little harder to get up the next day, but I had no long term side effects. It would be a great medication to keep around in case of emergency insomnia incidents.


In short, does zzzquil put you to sleep? Yes. But this suggestion to misuse a very serious drug had me up all night.