zara jacket

I never really shopped at Zara for clothes, but last week a girl at work wore this sweater. We were on set into the night and on a freezing sound stage during the day (luckily we were dancing so that kept us warm). It looked so warm and cute that I knew I was going to buy it over the weekend. zara 0221

I wanted something similar for a while. I couldn't decide if I should get a coat, or just go with a thicker sweater jacket. I don't really need a warm coat here in LA, so I couldn't justify spending a ton on a  nice coat. I love sweaters though. I bought this jacket because even though its knit, it still has a very coat-like appearance.

It comes in black too, but I've wanted a tan coat for while, and this brownish colour was just what I've been looking for.

zara 0226

I have a leather jacket from Zara that is good quality and real leather. I got it over six years ago and it's still in great condition. I wore it in Boston in November and it kept me warm with just a tee underneath. This made me more confident to shop at Zara. Normally, I wold assume the store is like H&M or Forever21.

zara 0220      zara 0222

A couple of years ago when I sold my Zara sandals on Ebay, there was a bit of a fight over them. I couldn't understand the hype. Zara shoes are an absolute minion of the Antichrist!! That's why I'm wearing Louboutins ;)

These plain black pumps are great for a simple look, especially with some red lipstick to match the sole. Here in suede, and here in patent leather. I also like this higher heel version, maybe with a longer dress. zara 0223

Underneath, I'm wearing just a plain black dress. You'll have to excuse my shiny-ness because I had just walked to the mall to buy this jacket. But luckily the dress held up.

This Michael Kors dress is another great sheath that works well here. This Parker dress has a slight twist to it, and this IRO sheath is a shorter version. This Elizabeth and James dress is on sale, and the fuller skirt is a good option if you don't like the bodycon style.

zara 0225

I went with some simple jewelry as well, just a plain gold chain, and Chanel earrings (also available here).

The simple jewelry is important here to not take away from the red lipstick and jacket, which is the main focus.

zara 0224

Overall I'm very impressed with Zara, and this jacket. The fold-over collar is great, and makes it looks like a coat. For this price, I wasn't expecting anything special, but it's thick and soft (and I was sweating quite a bit taking this photo)!

I hope we have a few cold days coming so I can wear it more.

zara 0227

What do you guys think of Zara?


Hope you're all having a great hump day!