happy international women's day

Today is International Women's Day! But come on, lets face it, every day is women's day ;)) women's day 0276

We've had a few cold days recently and I was very happy to wear my jacket and fur stole again. Of course my comprehension of cold weather dressing leaves something to be desired, as you can see from my bare legs. But it's women's day, so I can do what I want!

Seriously though, we are very fortunate to be women and have the life we have today. Those before us have worked tirelessly to give future generations the opportunities to do what we want. Whether it's blogging, being a CEO, or a stay-at-home mom, every opportunity we have today we owe to the women who came before us. And as women, we owe future generations an even better life than the one we have.

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I went with a warm boucle jacket like this one, because I like a jacket to look more like a blazer. It makes the whole outfit look more polished and put together. This jacket is a similar option. This IRO jacket is exactly what I had in mind when I put this look together.

This Eileen Fisher jacket looks a bit more like a sweater. And this Akris jacket is another favourite look.

All of these types of jackets would look great with a stole. Here's one in black, and another in faux fur.

women's day 0281

In case it got warm (which it did), I wanted to wear a nice tank that went well with this look. I like this double layered top with a mini skirt. This asymmetrical tank would work well here too. And I love the flirty hemline on this DVF top.

I went with some simple jewelry; a Tiffany's Zellige necklace in silver, and a bangle to match my lipstick ;)

women's day 0282

This skirt is a plain black mini that goes with everything. This Alexander Wang skirt is a similar option. This Valentino mini is a slightly flared version if you don't like super tight things.

women's day 0284

My shoes are the Phillip Lim flats I wrote about before -- there's still a few left over on that sale. Here they are in patent leather. I love the tan version as well, also on sale.

I love the original look of these shoes, much better than the lace-up flats I've been seeing almost everyone wear.

women's day 0277

I hope you're all having a lovely women's day, and get treated and pampered by everyone in your life.