Winter White


How To Wear Winter White

Ok I admit this is kind of a late post, because it's actually warm again in Southern California. Back when it was still winter though, I really struggled with what else I can wear besides my black pants. That's when the winter white question arose.

Traditionally, winter white is a sweater or wool coat in a light color that work with the colder climates. Those things are usually acceptable, despite the 'no white after labour day rule.'

winter white 195

My column dress is not the traditional 'winter white,' but its a great piece to pair with a warm cardigan. Especially now, when its a little warmer, it can be worn on its own during the day, and with the jacket at night when it becomes absolutely freezing.

winter white 193

The column dress is a great investment even if you're not trying the winter white trend.

With awards season happening right now, I'm always inspired to take the red carpet looks I see and make them work in my everyday life. This strapless dress is definitely red carpet ready! The Halston dress and this Elizabeth and James dress are not white, but still great column dresses to invest in. This Jill Sander dress is the absolute perfect dress for any occasion.

Another Halston dress I love is this one. It's a unique take on the white dress that would work perfectly for a night out or something more casual.

winter white 191

winter white 189

I love a good structured cardigan. This sweater is perfect for the winter white look because it looks like I'm just wearing a regular coat.



shoes and accessories

winter white 0187

Winter white is very much like wearing black; it allows for plenty of color to be added via accessories. I went with some turquoise earrings, similar here and here.

winter white

For my shoes, i went with simple Manolo Blank tan pumps. Check out these Louboutins found here, and these Aquazurra laceups. winter white 190

Finally, the Chanel bag, also known as the piece de resistance, completes the winter white look.

Hope you're all having a great week!