white jeans

[easy-image-collage id=775] Over the years, white jeans have evolved from being something a Florida panhandler wears on a fancy night out, to a staple in every fashionista's closet.

I remember about five years ago, thinking about buying my first pair of white jeans. I think Nicole Richie was wearing some, and everybody wanted them! My biggest concern was that they would get dirty too quickly. And believe me, my fear has come to fruition. Considering how often I wash pants (not often), I was shocked by how often I have to wash white jeans (every so often).

white jeans_2

I call this my house painter look ha ha.

The trick to making the white jeans work is to wear a sport jersey as your top! Kidding! Do NOT ever wear one of those.

The trick is to make sure the top and bottom are as close in color as possible. That way, its an 'all white' look, not just 'a bunch of white.'

white jeans_5


It will never be a perfect match because denim is a different texture than silk, and the color will be a little different no matter what. But I think this example is good to account for some color disparity.

I love wearing all one color and then having my shoes and bag be different. The tan shoes go perfectly with all white. And a black bag goes with everything.

white jeans_4

On second thought, I'd probably wear a more minimal sandal here next time. The lace-up straps on these sandals are really fun, but they look better with a dress, that way the straps show, and there's not too much bunching going at the bottom.

white jeans_6

And I'll make sure to steam out my top as well :P

In my defense, I was sitting down for like two hours before I took this photo.

white jeans7

That pretty much concludes this look. My jeans are definitely the kind of 'too tight' skinny jeans that you hear about in the news. I always size down in jeans because they wear in so quickly, and if they are 100% cotton they can get almost two sizes bigger. But we wear white jeans so rarely, that it is better to get your 'actual' size.

For my jewelry, I want to layer some necklaces, so I chose some that are similar lengths, but not identical, so each individual chain can be seen. The 'letter D' necklace is actually a Russian letter D, but in cursive it is the same as English.

My earrings are Chanel studs I got in Hawaii. I wear them any time I don't carry a Chanel bag. Two Chanels at once is more than most people can handle ;)

white jeans ACC

White jeans: JBrand -- similar here as well

Top: Halston Heritage -- similar here and here

Shoes: Tibi Lace up sandals, here in red -- similar here and here

Jewelry: Boy kissing girl necklace 

'D' necklace -- similar here and here

Tiffany's Zellige pendant -- similar here or here

Chanel earrings -- or similar here

Bag: Ralph Lauren Tate city shopper