white before memorial day?

[easy-image-collage id=602] Bold fashion choices require breaking the rules. But what do you guys think about wearing white before memorial day? The 'rule' is rooted in wearing clothing inappropriate for the season. The exception was made for winter whites, cream colored coats and sweaters. It comes from a time where white fabrics were reserved for shorts and tanks -- clothing traditionally worn in hotter weather.

I am all about breaking the rules, but I never found a reason to ever wear white before memorial day. With the changing weather patterns, and living in Los Angeles, it seems like wearing white would be acceptable year-round. But it just always felt like white is not right in colder weather, and wearing it any other time than summer never gelled with me.

But now that Memorial Day has passed, even though it is still ridiculously overcast here, I have the urge to wear white flowy dresses.

white before memorial day

Dressing inappropriately for the season is something I am very much against. I think it comes from the time I was a child, and would make up outfits in my mind and then try to wear them. My mom would always pick on me and say I have this disease where I cannot comprehend what the weather is outside :P

Even though it is still kind of cold, there's just something about Memorial Day that makes it okay to put on this dress.

white before memorial day

I didn't grow up in America, so I never lived with this no white before Memorial Day rule. Honestly, I never even heard of it until I was at university. Our professor encouraged us to break this rule, seeing as we live in LA where it's always hot. She said it's a dated rule and not necessary for the modern generation.

This dress was originally floor length, and had metallic squares all down the sides. It is Erin Wesson for RVCA, or should i say WAS ;)

I cut it down to midcalf because I really like the length, and I added the slit on the side. It took FOREVER to blind-hem everything.

white before memorial day

I probably will wear white before Memorial Day, maybe a cute sweater, I'll keep you posted ;)


Dress: Erin Wesson for RVCA (edited by moi), similar here, here, or here

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Chaos -- here, similar here, or here

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote

Earrings: House of Harlow -- similar here, and here

Bracelets: Antik Batik -- similar here, pink quartz, and plain silver

Rings: Found here, here, and here

Hope everyone had a good long weekend!