wardrobe clusters

Wardrobe clustering is an extremely useful way to save money while shopping. There's a rumor out there that French women buy new clothes only twice a year. How can it be that the fashion queens of the world need to shop so little? It's because they already have a full wardrobe of basics -- things they wear everyday and that never go out of style.

When a wardrobe is that complete, it's not necessary to go shopping every month. So when new things come in style, they just buy one or two items to spice up their closet.

Everybody's wardrobe cluster will be different. For some people it will contain suits and dress shirts for work. For others, some jeans and a mini-skirt. But the basic, must-have of every cluster is the Black Dress. The Dress is good for work, and can double as an evening dress. With accessories it can be turned into a completely different outfit.

Another must-have of every wardrobe cluster is The Trench. I've searched for the perfect trench, and finally found one at gap, of all places. The coat is really light and perfect for the weather we have here. It's also a great price, Gap always has discounts available.

I got the extra-small and you can see it's still a little big in the sleeves, but overall it is a much better fit than the previous trench I had from ASOS.


This is the most basic of basics, the Juicy Couture ponte dress (similar here). I'm not sure what ponte means, but I think it has to do with the fabric, and in this case it's really good quality. My cluster originally started with a T by Alexander Wang dress, but it was horrible. It stretched out after just a few wears, and looked really low quality.

Worn with: my mom's belt (similar here; this one's even better because it's leather, and it can be worn at any length). And Gucci sling backs (similar here; check out these if you like the bamboo heel -- on sale!).

Phillip Lim for Target bag (check out this, or any other Madewell bag for a similar great quality one), Ralph Lauren bracelets, Chanel earrings (similar here), and some simple gold rings! You are done, girl!