wardrobe cluster wrap-up

Wardrobe Cluster Wrap-up

As you may already know, the month of October was dedicated to my wardrobe cluster. I did really well with it (except cheating a few times here and there when I got invited to events), and I want to recap what I think are some of the important things to consider.

wardrobe cluster 314

The 18-item wardrobe cluster might seem impossible, but what I noticed is that I actually have a ton of options, so much so that I didn't even have time to blog about everything.

Some of my favorite looks were the ones that required me to be creative, and wear things a different way.

wardrobe cluster 12 wardrobe cluster 13

One of my favorite looks was probably the wrap dress worn as a duster. Another look I love was the long blazer worn as a dress. It's such a unique change to the ordinary LBD.

wardrobe cluster 21 wardrobe cluster 212

I also loved what I was able to do with some casual leggings. Wearing them with the Manolo Chaos upgraded them to pants. The two-sided belt also made the look more put together. And the button-down blouse made the whole outfit super chic, yet still casual.

wardrobe cluster 11 wardrobe cluster 22

The most important thing to remember is to have your wardrobe cluster filled with classics.

Wool black mini skirt Wool pants white crop top White silk tank Black silk tank Tan pump Saint Laurent ankle boots

All these items help make the wardrobe cluster useful and easy to stick to. The things I chose still added originality to all my outfits.

wardrobe cluster 42

The biggest challenge was definitely wearing the same things over and over. I love a classic trench and tan cardi, but I wanted some versatility!

Another place I was lacking in versatility was handbags. Since the wardrobe cluster is only eighteen items, I chose a backpack and clutch. In the future, I'd sacrifice one spot in the cluster for another bag, just to add some variety.

In conclusion...

This is a great excercise for anyone who feels their outfits are lacking creativity. With the wardrobe cluster I was able to see what is really important in my closet, and what I don't need. The amount of outfits I was able to put together with just eighteen items astounded me. I had no idea I could put together so many well-rounded looks!

I hope you try to dress with a wardrobe cluster yourselves. There are so many positives to trying this: you save space, save money, and become more organized. It is also a great way to start learning more about your personal style.

Let me know what you all think!