Wardrobe Cluster

18 Item Wardrobe Cluster

For the month of October, I will be posting outfits created ONLY out of the eighteen item wardrobe cluster I've chosen.

wardrobe cluster 0314

The wardrobe cluster should contain clothes as well as outerwear, shoes, bags, and accessories. I don't include weather-specific wardrobe, like rain boots or umbrellas. Some people include jewelry, but I don't think it's necessary. Also I do not include underwear, which incidentally includes bralettes that I sometimes wear as tops. Oh well, we can cheat a little.

wardrobe cluster 0308

The important thing is to choose items that can you can double up. A wrap dress is a perfect example because it can be worn as a dress, but it can also double as a duster over something else. Tops should be longer so you can tuck them in, leave them out, or knot them at the waist. All these things helps us avoid monotony.

wardrobe cluster 0309 The LBD is another must in a wardrobe cluster. It can be worn alone, with any outerwear, or even with a tank over it. That's the thing about wardrobe clusters, it forces us to get creative, and also teaches us what is important to have in our wardrobe.

wardrobe cluster 0310

Since my LBD is fitted, I chose a flared skirt to go in the cluster as well. I don't work in an office, but if you do, a pencil skirt would be perfect here. This Phillip Lim skirt is great; it has gold buttons, but if the pockets are unbuttoned, you can't see the gold. That makes this piece more versatile.

wardrobe cluster 0311

I've chosen a lot of neutral colors because they are easier to pair with each other to mix and match for a variety of looks. If you want to add colors, I'd go with khaki and ecru, those two are great for fall and easy to match with anything else.

wardrobe cluster 0313

Shoes and accessories should also be included in the eighteen item count. I went with Saint Laurent boots, black sandals, and tan pumps. These basics are sure to match with everything I've chosen. A double-sided belt is a great accessory. The red side of the belt adds color, while the black side can be used to create lines in the outfit. wardrobe cluster 0312

I have a pair of leggings and a structured pair of dark brown YSL pants. The crop top I included so that I can wear the dress pants in a casual setting. It's important to mix up the mood of the wardrobe cluster as well. Too many dressy options will leave you bored of the cluster and unable to keep pulling looks from it.


I'm really excited to try dressing from a wardrobe cluster for an entire month. I've already come up with a bunch of looks to wear, and I know more are in my mind bank ;)

I hope you'll be inspired to try it yourself!