Vince silk top

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I have been thinking about different ways to wear a silk button down, and I can't believe tying it at the waist never occurred to me!


Vince silk top: found here, here, here, or here

Leather mini: Mango -- similar here, here, and here

Gucci Bamboo heel sling backs -- similar here and here

In case I haven't mentioned it before, a Vince silk top is an absolute must-have. It is both a staple and a statement, and I stand by this brand wholeheartedly.

vince silk top-7

I chose a leather mini again because I wanted to show two opposite styles. The flowy Vince silk blouse is in direct juxtaposition with the 'edgy' leather mini skirt.

Also, I only have one other black mini skirt and I don't want to wear it all the time, LOL!

vince silk top-3

This particular top is a kind of like a two-fer because it has a roundneck collar.

The standard collar on a button-down shirt gives a top a more professional, polished look. But the round neckline collar looks a little more relaxed. The button front still makes this top more than appropriate for work. By tying it in the front, I think I gave it a more summertime feel.

vince silk top-6

Any Vince silk top is excellent quality. This one has a hint of spandex in it, making it washable. I mean, it says dry clean only, but who really follows these rules??

Disclaimer: don't hold me responsible if your shirts get ruined in the wash :/

As a general note, silk can be washed by hand. The trick is to use a mild detergent (I use woolite delicate wash -- it's the pink bottle). Then soak the clothes in a bowl with water and vinegar. Vinegar helps dissolve traces of soap and makes the clothes light and fluffy. Roll it up in a clean towel and squeeze to get the excess water out. Then hang to dry.

But here is the most important part!! Once the item has stopped dripping, take a slightly hot iron and iron the item until it dries. This is especially important if the item is not a blend, or is raw silk (not shiny and slightly sheer). I use a blowdryer as well to dry the item a bit more while it's still wet. This step makes sure the fibres go back to their initial state.



vince silk top-2


To finish off, I wore my Gucci bamboo heel sling backs. These are lower heel and easier to walk in, and I love the little detail of the bamboo heel.

For jewelry I chose my necklace trio, and that's it. I really love these three chains together because they complement each other, but aren't too matchy. The neckline of the Vince silk top is also perfect for wearing these chains.

'D' necklace: vintage -- similar here and here

Tiffany's Zellige pendant -- similar here and here

'Boy kissing girl' necklace -- found here



Hope you all had a great weekend!