the value of clothes

The value of clothes and its' affect on fashion is a favourite subject of mine. The other day, somebody mentioned to me that I 'look rich' because of how I'm dressed. It got me thinking about something I always wondered about: perception, more importantly the perception of wealth.

I've talked before about my family ties to fashion. My grandfather was an apparel merchandiser, he could look at something and tell you how much it costs, how much it's worth, and most importantly -- its value. I can do the same thing. He never taught me this so it's been a joke around my family that I inherited this genetically. I think subconsciously my mother picked this up from him and passed it on to me.


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The value of something is very different from how much it costs. Nothing has to be expensive to hold its' value. The value of clothes comes from  a combination of quality and construction.

A lot of things are designed to give off the illusion of wealth -- usually those things are tacky and over the top.

I like to wear simple things, and I think that's key in having an 'expensive looking' wardrobe.

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It's gotten cooler, so I had an opportunity to wear my fur stole again. I know real fur is associated with luxury, but faux fur is a great choice too. This Kate Spade stole is also faux fur, and looks amazing.

The cool thing about a stole is you can wear it on top of any jacket to change up the look. I'm wearing a cashmere cardigan, which luckily is warm enough around here. This Vince sweater is another option that will hold its' value forever. This cardigan from Eileen Fisher is another item that's great quality, as is this cashmere sweater. And this sweater already has a fur collar attached!

For actual cold weather, this coat from The Row is a must have. I think it is worth it to spend a lot of money on a good coat if its something you will be wearing a lot. The simple, clean design will make it look current for years, and give it a sophisticated look often associated with valuable clothing.

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The rest of the outfit is a simple black tank and leggings. I love a good silk tank because it's a simple item, just one is all you need, and it can be in your wardrobe for years. This top is great because of the sheer panel, it's a good option to wear over leggings or tight pants. This Equipment blouse is a great quality top, also versatile for wear with pants or skirts.

My leggings are from Forever21, and they are by no means expensive, further proving the point that clothes that look good don't have to cost a ton of money. These leggings aren't the best quality though, and I would buy these Theory pants to have a pair that lasts much longer.

My Ferragamo clutch is another item that I think really confirms the simpler-is-better approach (similar here).

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Of course, the piece de resistance in this look is the Louboutin boots (here second-hand). You can confidently buy these boots second-hand because of how good the quality is. And if you go for the new boots, you can rest assured you'll wear them for a long time.

These Manolo boots are a lower heeled version, and another option of shoes you can wear for decades.

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The value of clothes is something that is often overlooked in our consumerist society, but is an important aspect of our self-presentation. Personal style depends greatly on our ability to see the value of what we wear, and I hope this post helps you figure it out!


Have a great weekend!