to the truly creative mind...a lover is a god

His eyes were the sky His rain, wind, the sun

Like Indra, of weather and war

A God; he creates and destroys

I wait and I wait. I don’t beg --



Unfounded dreams, a sigh in the night

He waits, and he waits. He won’t beg --


He makes his choice.

Futile and empty

The candle still burns --


Through the blizzard he walks.


There is that town where the sun shines so bright.

The sky so blue, his eyes --

the same.

That place, it exists,

when you come here I’m here, waiting for you --

I’m the warm reprieve.

The need and the want together in one

the blue of the sky is there in my heart

the warmth of the sun I hold in my hand

It’s yours, Varuna,

the sky in your eyes,

the wind at your feet