The Wardrobe List


The Wardrobe List

When I was a kid (like in my teens), I didn't have a ton of money, obviously, why would I, I was 15. So I couldn't buy myself all the clothes I wanted. Instead, what I did was make a mental wardrobe list in my head of all the outfits I came up with.

As you can imagine, my head was full, and I eventually forgot most of it. As I got older, I added the clothes I actually own to the wardrobe list. I always considered a complete wardrobe a sign of success, because it's what I always wanted! My phone notes section had a huge list of outfits in it. And then I got a new phone, and the list was gone. But DON'T WORRY! I backed it up into a Word document. It was eight pages.

In the last few years I realized I have a fully completed wardrobe. All that's left now is figuring out how to change it up. The best part about having a variety of clothes is that they can be worn differently than their traditional 'purpose.' Think about when Angelina Jolie wore that Max Azria backwards. LOL at that article saying 'explained.'

V-Neck Dress

This idea totally came to me on a whim, but just like Angelina (because I am SO like her), I wanted the dress to have a more blouson, or cape, style. It's a great way to wear your sweater dress (or just sweater) if you feel you're getting bored of it.

The Blazer

wardrobe list missguided blazer phillip lim top

The blazer is one of the most important things in a wardrobe. I love the non traditional long style, it can be worn as a dress. The skinny lapel is another key style choice, because the collar can be flipped over to stand up, giving the jacket a completely different structure and style element.

Silk Tank

wardrobe list silk vince tank

I am a super fan of this Vince tank. I've had it for years, and it still looks every bit as new as it did when I bought it. I am wearing it backwards as well. I wanted a high neck tank, while this one was low-cut. Instead of buying something new, this already existed on my wardrobe list, and worked out perfectly!