the tuxedo shirt

About three years ago I bought an awesome suit and a shirt to match. It was a sheer tuxedo shirt. And then I washed it, and it shrunk. And that was the moment I decided that a tuxedo shirt is a must-have and a staple for every fashion wardrobe :D :D



But first, I made sure to buy up every tuxedo-resembling shirt within a 20 mile radius.

I ended up with a Ralph Lauren top that was too big, and a Theory top with a peter pan collar that had nothing to do with this style. All until I found this one at shopbop.

tuxedo shirt 230   IMG_0233

This top actually turned out to be better than the one I shrunk. And it looks just like this Dolce & Gabbana one!

I also love this Ralph Lauren one, its Polo, so it's not as expensive as the Black Label one above. Check out this Phillip Lim top as well, it's more opaque, which makes it a great work piece.

IMG_0236   IMG_0234

I paired the tuxedo shirt with my favorite black Gap pants. Mine are the Ultra Skinny, which I think are on their way out as Gap comes out with something new to replace them (at least, I hope that's the case). I love these pants so much, I bought two pairs.. so if they have your size I suggest you do the same.

Gap also makes these 'semi-skinny' pants, which are also great. I like all of their pants; the regular length is always good for me (I'm 166cm), and the fit is right without being too big as is the problem with most designer pants for me.

I also found these Vince skinny pants, that look amazing. I love anything Vince and these riding pants are sure to be a great addition to any wardrobe.


Since I don't work in an office I wasn't sure where to wear a buttondown, even if it's more dressy like the tuxedo shirt is.

I finally decided that I could wear it to the grocery store, for all that matters, since it really never concerns me what people think of me (or my clothes). My motto is it's better to be overdressed than underdressed.

But adding a red lip really made this outfit stand out to me as something more date-like. So even though it's not the traditional 'date night' outfit I think its something I would definietly try wearing (IF I ever get a hot date, hahahha!)


Maybe it's something about the fact that it is traditionally a man's tuxedo shirt that makes this top so perfect for a date. It's a great statement about role reversal that's perfect to make today!


<3 <3