the off shoulder trend

This winter's hottest trend to date is the off shoulder sweater. It also looks like it will be hanging around into the summer. off shoulder trend 1017

I don't even know if leather leggings are still in, but I think I'm going to wear mine well into retirement age.

It might seem counterintuitive to wear an off shoulder sweater. I mean, if you need a sweater, it's because it's cold right? I think if the sweater is warm, it can absolutely be off shoulder, because that part of your body isn't so susceptible to the cold.

off shoulder trend 1021

I think I  got my sweater on sale from shopbop, I can't really remember. I just wanted a black sweater that wasn't too bulky, so sheer was a good choice. It's also really warm, and being off shoulder doesn't change that, just like this ALC sweater. This Helmut Lang sweater is cashmere, so it would be really warm as well.

This Vince sweater isn't off shoulder, but it's a really nice fabric, that is warm but not bulky. My sweater isn't off shoulder either, but it's a loose fit so I'm wearing it like it is.

I also like this Alice and Olivia because it doesn't seem like it will be too hot. This Helmut Lang tee is also a good choice for something you can wear into the spring.

off shoulder trend 1015     off shoulder trend 1020

As far as pants go, these leather leggings are my go-to when I want something a little dressier than slacks. These Stella McCartney faux leather leggings are great if you don't like wearing real leather.

These Paige Denim pants are another great leather-look option. For real leather leggings, check out these Alice + Olivia pants.

off shoulder trend 1018

Another big trend this year is platform shoes. Mine are Lanvin (here in size 11). This trend is very 70's, paired with something off shoulder, it's like something straight out of Woodstock. I am definitely no hippie, and I like to modernize vintage-inspired looks, so I prefer platforms with a thinner heel, like the YSL Tribute.

For an even more modern look, I love these Jimmy Choo sandals. These Michael Kors platforms are definitely on trend, and more affordable than the others.

My shoes are more art-deco style, and these Saint Laurent pumps are also a nod to that style.

off shoulder trend 1019

I think this outfit is perfect for a winter night out (maybe not with open toe shoes if it's raining). Maybe throw a coat on top as well.

The off shoulder sweater is one of my favorite things for winter because it's so easy to get lost in all the extra layers we wear in cold weather. I think a top like this is a welcome show of skin in a time when it's not too common.

off shoulder trend 1016

Will you be wearing the off shoulder sweater this year?


Have a happy hump day and great rest of the week!