The Naked Dress


Finally Having The Guts To Wear The Naked Dress

I was hesitant to try The Naked Dress trend. Okay well this is technically not a dress, but when I found this set, I thought I'd never find any place to wear it.

naked dress 136

Here is the actual set I bought, from Missguided. I like that it's navy, because so many of my clothes are black that I wanted something different. And I feel like the lace overlay makes the naked dress seem a little more covered up.

Just a quick review on Missguided: while some things are great, I've had a lot of orders go wrong. Sometimes the orders didn't arrive at all, or I would receive the wrong thing. With this naked dress order I got another dress that wasn't sewn correctly. This particular set was dirty and I had to pay and have it dry cleaned before I could wear it! The skirt was impossible to walk in, I had to hike it all the way up to make it up the stairs to my house. The top was also sewn incorrectly. The right side lace doesn't match up, and a raw seam just hangs from the side. For this reason I won't be recommending anyone buy clothes from them.

naked dress 140   naked dress 138

I like the concept of a lace overlay in the naked dress, especially when it's a different color.


naked dress 141 naked dress 139

I decided to go with this long coat as my outerwear. The long coat is perfect over a naked dress!

Shoes and Accessories


naked dress 142

The naked dress asks for simple accessories. I went with the snowfall pendant I received in my PopSugar Must Have Box.

My Jord watch was also a perfect match here because it has a navy face. The masculine style is a also great with such a delicate feminine look. See, sometimes everything just fall into place :))

For my bag I went with the quilted Marc Jacobs from the days of yore. I thought Chanel might be a bit too much for the naked dress.

naked dress 137

Every time I wear red lipstick I absolutely have to watch it with Louboutins. The simple pumps don't take away from the complexity of this outfit. And with the naked dress, there's nothing better than red lipstick!

So Kate 120 Suede Pump


I hope you all liked this outfit! Is there anything you've been too afraid to wear?