The Getty In The Rain


The Getty In The Rain

I love how whenever it rains, LA just becomes deserted. It's such a good day to do all those things you wanted without running into a ton of foot traffic. The Getty is one such place.

Usually a huge tourist destination, it was almost completely empty when it rained last Friday.

Check out some of my pictures. And try and visit The Getty Centre if you're in town.

the getty 79


the getty 84

The central fountain was covered in water for the first time in years. It was turned off at the Getty to save water during the drought.

the getty 83

The gardens were also closed so it was nice to get a good shot of it without anyone getting in the way.

the getty 82

the getty 81

the getty 80

the getty 78



Another fountain filled with water thanks to the rain!

the getty 74

Birds of paradise, my favorite flowers!

the getty 72

Finally got a shot of this archway without anyone getting in the way. Well, one guy jumped in, but i cropped him out ;)

the getty 71

One of the exhibits was French decor from the 1700s. It was really cool to be able to get this close to all that amazing furniture, still perfectly maintained! I doubt anything in my house will last that long.

the getty 64

My new room!

the getty 60

the getty 61

I touched this desk :P

They weren't watching me!

the getty 62

Can you spot me? the getty 63

This is right outside the S Pavilion on the second floor, one of my favorite sculptures.

the getty 65

Most people take pictures of the views from the top floors of the museum, but I'm more interested in the architecture. Designed by Richard Meier, the Getty uses natural light and open space to make every spot in the museum picture-worthy. One amazing thing is the difference between the above and below photos. All the photos were taken with just my iPhone, and edited the same, but they look like completely different places.

the getty 70

the getty 69

Not a soul insight!

the getty 68

the getty 67

This is one of my favorite spots at the Getty to watch the sunset. And it's just as nice in the rain.

the getty 66


the getty 77