take one thing off

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Everyone has heard the old Chanel adage, "Once you've dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off."

I know historically, Coco Chanel is not one of the greatest people, but this quote is the one thing I take to heart from her arsenal of 'advice.'

Before I even heard this quote, I innately adhered to this principle. So many of my outfits are all black, or black and white, because when I get dressed, I think, "what is the least amount of clothing I can wear?" (Not like THAT haha). I think this because less is more. The less I wear, the more put-together I look. I always take one thing off if I feel I am wearing too much.

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The outfit:

Red pants: Juicy Couture -- similar here, herehere or here

Cropped top: Salvatore Principe HeARTfelt collection -- similar here, here, and here

Shoes: Manolo Chaos -- similar here or here


When dressing in colors, it is harder to be minimal, so the 'take one thing off' principle is especially important.

I took a risk with this outfit (for me). Wearing a crop top with not a high waist skirt. GASP! it's not something i would ordinarily do. But when in Rome...

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I didn't 'take one thing off' when I put together this look, because I did not have to. I chose a solid bottom and a print top to maintain the minimalist look.

Even though colorful, the outfit doesn't look busy, there isn't overkill, and the styles of the top and bottom compliment each other.


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I apologize that this amazing top is no longer available, but it was part of a special collection by artist Salvatore Principe. He silk screened his beautiful paintings onto fabrics, and they were made into a limited edition line called HeARTfelt.

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I have wanted to wear the top for a while but could not find something I like to match with it.

I realized that the red in the top is a perfect match for the red pants (in fact, these pants, even though part of a two-piece, go with almost everything). I even prefer to match them with other colors, especially blue and orange.

take one thing off chanel -7

I hope it's easy to see how the 'take one thing off' principle is applied in this outfit. with colorful options, the best way to do minimalist is by choosing simple lines and styles. The linear design in the top is a perfect match for pants, and the minimal sandal just adds height.



Happy hump day and a great rest of the week!