Spring Trends


Spring Trends

For today's post, I wanted to veer away from my usual look of the day to talk about spring trends in general. I also wanted to show you how I get the inspiration for my outfits. For me it has never been about getting everything I see out there, but taking hints and applying it to my existing wardrobe.

These are just some spring trends I would like to follow this year. I love colour, but I have a hard time getting myself to wear it. It's hard to stay away from black!

This Giambattista Valli Couture really captures the spring trends I'm most excited about: pastel colors and ruffles.

spring trends 371

Obviously, these dresses are a bit extreme, so when choosing my own outfits, I go for a more conservative selection.

spring trends 366

I'm still including all the same colours, but the styles are a lot more subdued.

Mainly, putting clothes out on a rack is my way of reminding myself what I have. There's very little here, but it will remind me to pull out more things from the same categories.

spring trends 363

The rose top is one spring trend I can't wait to wear! Another is the ice blue. My tops, from Alberta Ferretti and Marc Jacobs work perfectly with any black pants I want to wear.

spring trends 372

All the above dresses are just gorgeous, but a little impractical for my life. The raw silk Marc Jacobs top I have is a much better match. It's a perfect example of how I incorporate inspiration for spring trends into my wardrobe. Seeing the Antonio Berardi photo made me immediately think of what I already have that looks like it.

spring trends 365

spring trends 370

This Burberry dress is beautiful, but it is once again over the top for my daily life.

spring trends 369

This dress that I have had for years perfectly captures the ruffles trend without going over the top. Paired with a belt, I'll be able to fluff the ruffles out a little to make it look like a simplified, practical version of the Burberry.

spring trends 367

This lime green is everything!

Another color I've seen all over the runways, this top will make a great addition to my spring trends. The gold bralette is another item that has a greenish tint, and will be great under some of these sheer tops.

spring trends 368

All these shoes perfectly capture the spring trends I'm looking forward to. Sandals, sandals, and more sandals! Tan wraparound sandals and the Manolo colorblock are all perfect choices for this season. I predict t-strap sandals will be a huge hit as well.

What do you think about all of these?