Some More Mapplethorpe

Some More Mapplethorpe

Today's art of the day is some more Mapplethorpe. In my last post about him, I talked about his balance of delicacy and toughness by using flowers to render phallic objects. This photograph is from the same series. Mapplethorpe shows the delicacy of the flower, and it's toughness in the shadow.

Mapplethorpe lily shadows flowers

It is amazing how something can look so different in the shadow.

The shadow of the orchid is so different in character from the original object.

Seeing this, I am reminded of perspective. Sometimes we get so lost in our thoughts, we get tunnel vision. Our problems seem unsolvable. Seeing this photograph reminds me to look at things from a different angle. There's something quite beautiful casting this menacing shadow.

Things are not always as they seem.