Simple DIY Inspiration


Simple DIY Inspiration

Today's post is about some simple DIY things you can do to spruce up your wardrobe.

I love clothes and shoes, but it's not always an option to buy myself whatever I want. Luckily, there are a few simply DIY tricks that anyone can do to their existing wardrobe!

simple diy inspiration 425

When I say simple DIY I'm really talking about taking something you no longer wear and changing it somehow. All these clothes were already made but then I came in and made them different.

Cutting Off Sleeves

simple diy inspiration 391

This was a really cool DIY I just did recently. I haven't even worn it yet. Cutting the sleeves off is a great way to take something old and turn it into something you'll wear again.

This was a huge commitment, especially since the Elizabeth and James blazer was expensive. So before cutting it all up, I asked myself 'when was the last time I wore it?' If the answer is more than six months ago, go ahead and cut it up.

This is a really simple DIY but it does require some sewing skill to finish up. I just cut the sleeves off by taking apart the shoulder seam, and then folded under and sewed up the arm hole! It can be done even without a sewing machine, using a blind hem. It's not perfect, but it looks very chic, and perfect to add to your summertime work wardrobe.

Adding Slits

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Adding slits is a super simple DIY way to change a dress, skirt, or even a jumpsuit! The white dress is also hemmed at the bottom, and I removed some weird side adornments that it came with. Here it is in action.

simple diy inspiration 399

The blue jumpsuit was a more arduous process. I had to open up the front seam, then fold BOTH sides over, and stitch BOTH sides, on BOTH legs.

I noticed this trend on pants recently and thought it would be good to try. This suit is an excellent silk piece but it was a little dated in the style it was before. Adding the slits renewed it, and it worked well on Christmas, and I'm sure will continue to serve me in the summer. Here is a similar already made jumpsuit.

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Slits don't only apply to bottoms though! I love what I did with this trench from forever21. Much like the blue suit above, I cut open the inside sleeve seam and stitched it down on both sides. This simple DIY made this old trench one of my favourite pieces to wear!

Taking Things In

simple diy inspiration 416

One of the most common types of DIY is making something smaller; taking it in, or hemming something. It's what I did with this Haute Hippie skirt. By folding the waist band straight across and hand sewing it down (only on the waistband), I made it look like a fold-over skirt! And I wear it all the time.

This is useful if you bought something that you thought would fit, but was too big, and you can't return it (or don't want to!).

simple diy inspiration 393 simply diy inspiration 392


simple diy inspiration 395

By far, my most popular DIY was these shoes. They were originally a t-strap sandal, and what I did first was cut the 'T' part off and wear them as lace-ups. But I thought, why not go the extra mile and add some fur! So I cut the fur off my Victoria's Secret slippers (which, conveniently, was all one piece) and sewed it onto the strap here!

This was super easy and fun, and I'm glad I'm the only one who has these shoes.

Changing Something Completely

simple diy inspiration 421

Not exactly a simple DIY, this skirt was once a ruched mini. I took apart the bottom hem and side seams, and removed the elastic, and then sewed the side seams back up. The top layer looks longer, but now it's just like one of those overlay skirts.

simple diy inspiration 400 simple diy inspiration 424

The bodysuit was another super trendy thing at the time I made it. I've been seeing less and less of them now, so I'm glad I didn't buy one and went with this DIY instead. You can find my full how-to post here.

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This top is probably one of the biggest transformations. It's made from the lining of this Phillip Lim dress, from Gossip Girl. I loved that dress but it became way too recognizable to wear ten years on. So I cut the lining out, cropped it and sewed up the bottom hem. Now I have a perfectly timeless navy silk tank.

My plan for the rest of the dress is to turn the crystal covered top part into a sleeveless crop top. So stay tuned!