silver crop top

The internet, or at least my twitter feed (btw follow me: @damndasha), went nuts when Emily Ratajkowski wore a silver crop top. But sorry Em, I wore it first!

silver crop top 0779

Here is her top, or an imitation of it (we know A.L.C. is first to make a copy of something). Mine is just a tank I cut, and the silver crop top was born.

A.L.C. makes another top with a different back, I'm not sure which one Emily wore.

I like silver tanks because it's like a two in one, no need to wear much jewelry with a statement top like this one.


silver crop top 0778

This tank is more like mine, just a simple tee with some silver thread. And Halston Heritage, one of my faves, makes another awesome top.

This outfit is something I would wear on a casual New Years or other holiday party. The silver crop top adds just a bit of glam, without overdoing it. And the black trousers make it look chic.

silver crop top 0780   silver crop top 0781

November 19th is the exact date I conceptualized this outfit (I have proof)! But really, who wore it first is a moot point when I'm up against Em Ratajkowski :P :P

I went with some Gap slacks, and I think Emily wore a cargo style pant.

silver crop top 0775

These pants give me LIFE! Sadly, I think Gap discontinued them. They do that from time to time to hopefully make room for new designs. They have these out now, with the line down the front, which I think looks awesome and makes your legs look longer.

I love Vince pants too, and these are a great wide-leg trouser. Also check out these cropped pants, they look really cool with some high heels.


For shoes, I went with my highest heels. They're lace covered pumps and about 5 inches high. These Manolos are amazing, and the foot showing through is super trendy right now. These Givenchy pumps look a bit more like mine. And if you have some cash to spend, you have to get these Loubs, like..omg.

silver crop top 0777   silver crop top 0776

What do you guys think of the silver crop top?