silk sweatpants

When I told my friend that I got a pair of silk sweatpants, he said it sounds like something somebody with a gold toilet would have. There's something of an oxymoron in there; silk and sweatpants just don't go together.

silk sweatpants 0214

I've been trying to put together an outfit like this ever since I saw the Theory jumpsuit in their window. I loved the slouchy pants and the spaghetti strap tank, but I couldn't justify buying an all black jumpsuit when I had so much black pants and tops in my closet.

silk sweatpants 0212

At first, I tried wearing some harem pants, and while it looked just like the Theory piece, there was something too casual about it.

I tried the silk sweatpants, and even though they are called 'sweatpants' they still looked nicer and more polished.

silk sweatpants 0209

Mine are T by Alexander Wang, these particular ones are not the exact same thing, but they look even more like slacks, which I like. Mine also have zippers on the sides, which I ignore because I have to cuff them one more time to look like a better fit.


silk sweatpants 0210

I love these silk sweatpants as well, because they're cropped and look more like slacks, I think they'd look even better in this look. The Halston Heritage are also one of my faves. And they're on sale!

Check out these BCBG pants as well, they don't have an elastic at the bottom so they don't have a slouchy look, making them even more polished.

silk sweatpants 0211

I think even though they're sweatpants, this look is great for a friday night out (which is exactly how I'll wear it).

I know it doesn't look like a one-piece jumpsuit, but I actually kind of like the difference between the fabric of the pants and the top.

silk sweatpants 0208

The company that makes my top doesn't exist anymore :/ but I found this Versace silk tank on sale! I mean, it's absolutely a MUST have, especially at that price.

I also love this L'agence tank, it's a good staple to have and would look awesome with some silk sweatpants (<--- well that's an alliteration!)

silk sweatpants 0213

Finally, to complete the sweatpants life, I chose the Manolo Chaos. At least, in my understanding of the sweatpants life, these shoes are the perfect match.

I love these sandals from Nordstrom as well, they are almost identical to the Manolos, but for 1/18 the price! At least, according to my understanding of maths ;) Check out these sandals as well, for the same reason.


Hope your Friday is filled with oxymoronic luxury, like silk sweatpants! And have a great weekend!