shopping versus consuming

I have previously talked about wardrobe clustering, and what it can do for your shopping habits. The story is, French women only buy a few pieces of clothing every season. That's maybe 6 items a year. Can you imagine? Buying only six things every year... that would do wonders for my savings account. There's a difference between shopping and consuming. Shopping is an event; it's fun, it can be creative, you hang out with your friends and have lunch. Consuming, on the other hand, is the mindless buying of anything you can get your hands on.

Wardrobe clustering is a good way to prevent this mindless consuming. It is the tool I used to keep my shopping habits in check, and organize my closet when I first started out as a stylist.

Check out my pinterest board about a starter wardrobe cluster:

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These items are by no means the only things I have in my closet. Obviously, in the winter you will need boots, a sweater, and a coat, depending on where you live. But the point is, you add to this cluster gradually, and as your wardrobe grows, you need less and less.


The key to remember while shopping is not to give in to trends. It's hard, because they are always shoved in our faces.

The Valentino shoes are a perfect example of a fad. I hate to say this, because they are beautiful, but they are so trendy, that I can't imagine them being in style for a lot longer.


Once they go out of style, they depreciate one hundred percent. Because they're so recognizable, it will be impossible to sell them, and every time you wear them, it will be obvious you're wearing shoes that are two years old.

Some people think having this few items dampens creativity. But I think the opposite is true. Having so little to choose from will stimulate your creativity and force you to make choices that make these outfits different from one another.

Worst case, you'll have fifteen quality items that never go out of style :D :D

Good luck and happy shopping!

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