seamless day to night looks

Seamless Day To Night Transitions

Three easy day to night looks

I admit, it's been a while since I worked in an office. But one of my biggest pet peeves during those times was that there was almost no time for a social life. Work ends at five, and if I'm lucky, I'm home at six forty-five (NOT an exaggeration). I've missed a lot of fun events and evenings out because I couldn't create an easy day to night look.

This first transition is a perfect office look, and requires zero to minimal bathroom access!

day to night 11

The tuxedo shirt can easily be worn over the black Free People bralet, and the Gap pants are perfect for the office. At the end of the day, the lace bralet works well on its own, and the waterfall blazer and lace up heels add a nice touch.

To make a perfect nighttime statement, add a snake ring and body chain to the ensemble.



I like to do things a little differently, and this next look definitely encompasses that. Instead of changing a shirt, or adding heels, I'll just take my shirt off and pull my skirt up turning it into a dress!

To be fair, it was sold as a convertible skirt/dress, so I'm not being completely ingenious ;)) day to night 13

The Gap trench works well for both looks, but especially adds an aura of chic sophistication to the night ensemble. This Alice + Olivia convertible skirt is a similar piece to my DVF dress. I also love this velvet Missguided midi skirt. Any skirt with an elastic waist can be converted day to night, just make sure it's long enough as a dress!

A simple belt makes this look classic for both the day and night.

Shoes and Accessories

The easiest way to go from day to night is with shoes and accessories. A simple tan pump like these Manolos, will take your black dress into night out LBD territory. The long blazer is a great addition to your work and play wardrobe.

At the places I've worked, that slightly above the knee dress length was completely acceptable attire. If that's not the case at your work, wear some black hosiery in the daytime.

day to night 14

Changing up the jewelry is key. A watch might be fine for a day to night look. But these earrings would be overkill in an office, or even a daytime brunch.

The Chanel bag can take any look from day to night! Add a simple gold toggle bracelet and your look is complete.

It's easy to create chic day to night looks as long as you keep it simple. A lot of times, office clothes just need to be simplified for a perfect night out look. That's because something classic never goes out of style!