scream queens got me like whoa...

I'm not normally the kind of person who watches a show like this. But I love some good fashion inspiration. Although Scream Queens is way over the top (with fashion, and other things), I was really inspired to wear my furry jacket after seeing Chanel walking around all feathered.

scream queens 0269

I was in a sorority in college (Delta Zeta!!) and I it goes without saying that no one acts like that. I know Scream Queens is a satire, but there are always people who miss the point.

Truth is, sororities are great organizations that teach women leadership, philanthropy, and how to be productive members of society. If it wasn't for what I learned at uni, I would never have the courage to go for what I want, or to realize my dreams in some way.

Unfortunately, these societies are laced with stereotypes, and it's important to not blindly believe everything out there.

The furry jacket is obviously not something I could have worn around university, but now that I'm out, it's a free-for-all on fashion.

scream queens 0270

This little coat is from H&M many years ago and is fake fur. There's no way I would be able to take a photo of this outfit if the fur was real. Even this faux jacket is absolutely sweltering. But the heat aside, I love all kinds of goats. They are my favorite animal. It was my understanding that cashmere and other types of wool sweaters come from shaving the sheep or goat, and not killing it.

My mom always told me sheep and goats need to be sheared because their furs are so thick, it's too hot for them.

I would never wear a real Mongolian fur coat, because all I would be able to think about is this:


But there are plenty of options for amazing jackets that don't involve animal slaughter. This Stella McCartney coat is an excellent example. She is a champion of eco-friendly fashion.

Your wallet also doesn't have to suffer, and this jacket is a perfect rendition of Mongolian fur at a great price. I also love this vest, and it is even closer to the items Chanel wore in Scream Queens.

scream queens 0268

The dress without the jacket is another crowd favorite. It's David Lerner.

Even though it's a really casual, T-shirt fabric, the style makes it stand out as a nicer evening dress. It is kind of like this dress, which can also be worn with heels and flats, depending on the occasion.

scream queens 0272 scream queens _0267

I love the tulip hem, and this dress is a great short version. If you like something longer, check out this flowy Ella Moss dress. And for something more structured, check out this one!

scream queens 0271

The racer back on this dress kind of makes it look more casual, but I think since my bra straps don't show it looks a little better. With heels this dress looks more like a night out dress. My shoes are Tibi lace-up suede sandals, which are no longer available :(((

I love these shoes so much, and I'm really glad I bought them, since lace-up is so in style right now. I found these similar ones that I think are a great staple item.


scream queens 0274

Of course, I'd love to have these suede lace-ups as my shoes for this outfit, but if they're too expensive, these Nasty Gal shoes are a good option.

I think any of the Scream Queens would be proud of this outfit :)