Rothko and House Of Cards


Rothko and House Of Cards

I've been watching House Of Cards and of course noticed (what I think is) the Rothko painting Claire Underwood got for her office. Then I found this article, which talks about how House of Cards has the rights to reproduce Rothko for season five (they don't use originals in TV shows).

I thought the choice was interesting for this show. Rothko is one of the most symbolic artists, and I wondered what was the meaning behind Claire's choice. Maybe it's that she is tapping into her own darkness.

Ms. Davis mentioned that she preferred the reds, so I found this video I got at LACMA last month, of one of his reds. She also mentions he was a very depressive person.

It's interesting to hear other people's opinion on his art. A lot of them say 'I could have painted that.' Well, that's not entirely accurate. Seeing this in person is very evoking. It's almost like a piece of himself is in it, which is not something anyone could do.

This season of House of Cards is filled with symbolism. I don't want to give it away in case you haven't watched it, but maybe the Rothkos are in place to really force us to see how everything has some double meaning.

Have you seen this season? What did you think of it?