rose quartz

I see you rose quartz ;) rose quartz 0686

Every year, Pantone names the colors of the year, and for 2016, it is Rose Quartz, a light pink.

I have to say, I called it. Recently I pulled out a bunch of pink out of the black hole that is my closet and hung at the forefront of said black hole. I just had the urge to wear all this pink. A halter with rose applique, a glittery mini from my birthday dinner, and this dress. Seen here with my yeti coat :))

rose quartz 0690

I also was right about the blue. I guess it's just something about pastels. Maybe it's my weather dysphoria -- the inability to dress appropriately for the weather (something I made up), that always makes me want to wear light colors in winter.

But yeah, for all intents and purposes, I called the colors of the year.

rose quartz 0687     rose quartz 0684

I loved this dress since I first got it, and saved it for any special occasion. I already wore it for New Year's Eve, and since I'm going to be around the same people this year, my outfit will be different. However, I think this is a great dress for an NYE party.

This Alice + Olivia dress is an excellent copy. Check out this one for a more mature version. My friend and I both accidentally wore similar dresses for New Year's and hers was more like that one. It looked great.

In keeping with Rose Quartz trend, this dress is a fantastic party dress AND the perfect light pink!

This Chloe dress is a beautiful rose color, and a luxurious fabric as well.

rose quartz 0685

My Chanel bag made yet another appearance with this outfit. It's just the right amount of tan-ish pink that it fits right in with the Rose Quartz trend.

The tassel bag is a bit rare, but I found this dusty pink one.

This bag is more similar to mine, and also from the tassel collection. Check out this Chanel too, in just the perfect pink color.


rose quartz 0688

My yeti is actually a faux Mongolian fur coat. I love this jacket around this time because I feel the holidays are the only time you can get away with something like this. Also, pairing it with pink kind of makes it more appropriate than when it's worn with black.

If you want the real deal, check out this Helmut Lang vest. From an eco-conscious perspective, this Stella McCartney jacket is ideal. It's faux fur (as are all her designs), but the quality is incredible.

rose quartz 0689      rose quartz 0683

I went with silver sandals to complete a more holiday look. Unfortunately these are Barney's Co-op which is no longer in production. I realize I'm a bit all over the place with silver shoes and gold hardware bag and gold earrings, but I think mixing metals is okay every once in a while.

These Jimmy Choos are a great holiday shoe, and I'm sure will look great paired with gold jewelry. I also love these classics and red carpet favourites.

These Stuart Weitzman sandals are a great deal and totally a staple.

My earrings are angel wings, I mean..duh! Similar here and here. I am not a fan of buying really expensive jewelry for myself, but if you like to buy something more than costume, check out these Mizuki earrings.


Are you waiting until 2016 to wear Rose Quartz?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend no matter what colors you wear!