Rewearing old outfits


Rewearing Old Outfits

The artist Leon Kossoff said "Every time the model sits everything has changed. You have changed, the light has changed, the balance has changed." That's how I feel about rewearing old outfits. I might be wearing the same thing, but who I am has changed.

Every outfit I wear has some feeling behind it. What was going on in my life when I wore it. When I look at them I am always reminded of that last time.

Last time I wore this, it was very hot and I went to the KCRW concert at the Annenberg Space. I always feel weird when it is extremely hot out, like something is wrong. That's why I like rewearing old outfits, it refreshes them, and gives them a new feeling.

rewearing old outfits 503 rewearing old outfits 499

Get The Look

rewearing old outfits 500 rewearing old outfits 505

The top is a simple black crop top. Once again the loose silhouette is key in the summer heat. I added the jacket just in case it might be cold. And since I'm rewearing old outfits, I still have to change them a little ;))

rewearing old outfits 504 rewearing old outfits 501

For jewelry I wanted a simple gold bracelet and some Chanel earrings.



rewearing old outfits 502 rewearing old outfits 498

Finally, the shoes! This is something different from the last time I wore this, because I didn't have these shoes yet. I love the python print, it's neutral while still looking unique.

Happy Friday!