Art And Courage -- Rei Kawakubo


Art And Courage -- Rei Kawakubo

What is fashion if not art? In honor of the recent Met Gala, today's art of the day are the designs of Rei Kawakubo.

rei Kawakubo comme des garcons spring 2017

rei kawakubo met costume institute

Rei Kawakubo is the avant-garde mastermind behind Comme Des Garcons. I am so glad the Met Costume Institute finally honored her. Whenever I choose the art of the day, I always look for an artist who had the courage to do something differently. There's no one out there who took more risks and had more courage than Rei Kawakubo.

I never had it in me to be a designer. I always felt like I'm making something while trying to please the masses. Rei had incredible courage to go out and make what she wanted to make.

Looking through fashion magazines as a kid I'd always come across Comme Des Garcons designs. To be honest, I thought it looked ridiculous. But as I got older I understood it wasn't just about clothes; it was concept art. The designs questioned the human form, bending it and distorting it; they became entities of their own. I love that concept, that these clothes aren't just made for a human body to wear, they are their own creations as well.

I especially loved the deconstructed designs when she attached parts of the pattern to the garment. It once again highlighted the conceptualization of clothes, making the designs more substantial, not just some object to be worn.

Check out some of her designs here.

Now maybe you can understand my confusion over what some of the Costume Institute attendees wore ;))