rainy day blues

It's finally raining in LA! I better write this quick, before it stops. Okay so maybe I don't really have the blues..but it will be just me and Harry Street alone tonight (Snows of Kilimanjaro reference...read it, love it).

Rainy days always make me want to stay in, but if I had to go out, I have just the coat for it.

rainy day coat I love trench coats. I especially love that I can wear them all year round here in LA. But when rainy days happen, it just feels like everything is falling right into place :D

This is a Juicy Couture trench coat. You can probably tell this from the big gold buttons. There's a similar one on sale at Yoox. It has the same detailing around the shoulders, but it is brown.

Juicy Couture also has a tan one on their site. Obviously, this Burberry one is the original I wanted to imitate. I find most trench coats to be hard to wear. I'm really petite, so they either swallow me up, or I have to opt for a hip length jacket. The Burberry coat is the perfect length, however.

Another really great option is this Ralph Lauren one. It is a really great price, and Ralph Lauren quality is always dependable.

And this London Fog coat is identical to the one I'm wearing. The length and cut make it a very slimming, elongating choice.

I also love this coat from DailyLook. It's not right for a rainy day (maybe a drizzle day), but it looks so great with a simple dress, and I think it's a must-have for the coming summer nights.

rainy day bottom Okay maybe these shoes aren't perfect for a rainy day, but they could work if you avoid all the puddles!

I'm wearing my trusty patent leather Manolos. Mine are actually about ten years old. But every time I say that, people don't believe me. They look brand new. Seriously, Manolos are one of the best investments I have ever made (shoes-wise, of course).

Cole Haan offers another option for a much better price. And I love these for better mobility!

rainy day close I don't like buttoning this trench, because all the gold buttons make it a little French soldier-looking. I just tighten the belt and I'm good to go.

Who cares what I'm wearing underneath ;)

xo --