pretty little liars

I know that Pretty Little Liars is a kind of a kids' show, but I love watching it.. mainly for the clothes. That's not so surprising, the show's wardrobe designer, Mandi Line, is one of the best and most respected in the biz. One of her looks for Hanna was the inspiration for this outfit.

pretty little liars 0917

Maybe it's the tweed blazer, but this outfit always has a prep school vibe for me. Maybe because I never went to prep school :P I don't think they'd be wearing high-heeled Louboutin boots to class.

The crepe knit skirt also adds to that vibe. Mine is Phillip Lim, and I found one here. If you're a size small you should definitely scoop it up, people always ask me if its Chanel.

This Maison Margiela skirt is also very similar, and on sale now! This See by Chloe skirt looks like something straight out of a Pretty Little Liars episode, and this Valentino skirt is a classic that would go with a lot of other outfits.


pretty little liars 0919

These boots though! Okay, maybe Hanna wouldn't wear this to school (or would she?), but the character's style is definitely consistent with these.

I honestly just see them as a classic, round toe boot. But every time I wear them I get so many compliments, they're a huge hit.

Check out these suede Louboutins too! Also these Manolos are amazing, and thanks to all the sales happening now, half off!

pretty little liars 0916  pretty little liars 0921

I love this little blazer, I had it for years, but hardly ever wear it. Because it's cropped, it's a great match for a skirt that sits at the waist.

I love the embellishment on the collar, but when I had long hair, it would pull it out! I don't think that will be a problem with this Haute Hippie blazer.

The reason this jacket works is because it's a menswear-inspired item, but the fit is women's. I personally never liked menswear trends because they all fit so baggy. But this blazer is different. The Lanvin blazer here has the same idea. And it's on sale too!

pretty little liars 0918

For my top, I chose just a simple blue tank that will give this look a pop of colour. One of the things I love about Pretty Little Liars is their use of colours. I stick with a plain black and tan palette most of the time, so I don't like too much bright accents. But Pretty Little Liars always manages to make colours work in a way that I feel I could incorporate into my wardrobe.

This Milly tank is a great plain blue to wear with this outfit. I love the blue on this Rebecca Minkoff top as well, and this top is great if you like a little hint of green.

  pretty little liars 0920


What do you guys think of Pretty Little Liars? If you haven't seen it, definitely check out the fashion!