Well now that Halloween is over, its time to enjoy our hot-ass November! When I was a kid I loved Halloween... I still love scary movies, haunted houses, and being scared. But the crazy dress-up parties are so not for me. For me, dressing up is always done to look nicer.

So here's an oufit I wore my birthday dinner that I never posted. halloween 0345

I think it was Alberta Ferretti who said "Wearing a costume is always a fashion mistake."

She was talking about wearing something that makes you untrue to yourself. And when it comes to Halloween, I always try to choose a costume that still represents me, and isn't too crazy. But now that it's over, I can definitely go back to being my authentic self.

halloween 0348     halloween 0346

This outfit was chosen one part for the sequins, and another part for the weather. It's been extremely hot, and today is no exception.

My skirt is Haute Hippie, that I got years ago and kept in my closet for years because it was too big. I really like the pink though, and here's a Markus Lupfer skirt on sale! I know it still seems like a lot to spend on a skirt, but sequins are complicated, and it's important to get them just right.

If you're really brave, check out this skirt, with both sequins and feathers. For me, it's probably too much.

halloween 0350


What I ended up doing is folding my skirt over at the waist and sewing it down, making it look kind of like a fold-over skirt, or something with an uneven hem.

It's something I would do for an item I really love, but I don't recommend buying something that's too big just for the sake of doing this. Check out this Nasty Gal skirt instead.

I also found a Chanel skirt at The Real Real. It's a little mature for me, but for that price, I might just buy it to hang in my closet :P

halloween 0347

My top is a Parker waterfall top, which I absolutely love. Parker has great quality silks, and this top is similar to mine.

I also like this Theory top, it's a very subtle drape top and would like great tucked in or out. The tops with some kind of detail on the front are a great way to add a unique touch to a basic, like this top. And then you can easily convert them from day to night!

halloween 0349     halloween 0358

Finally, I finished the look off with my MAC viva glam III lipstick, and Manolos! Check out these Shutz shoes for an awesome minimalist sandal. And of course these BP ones from Nordstrom at an excellent price.


I hope you all had a great Halloween!