Photo Of The Day -- Helmut Newton


Photo Of The Day -- Helmut Newton

Now before you report me to the internet police, let's just talk about what this photo represents for a second. Helmut Newton gave women strength and power.

helmut newton 470

By depicting them in exactly the same poses side by side I feel like Helmut Newton de-sexualized them. He de-stigmatized nudity. With all his photography, not just this one, he portrayed women as strong and powerful. Gone was the weakness that kind of went side by side with naked women. I think this time was pivotal in fashion photography.

Nudity should never be seen as threatening or offensive. Censorship of women's bodies feeds into the notion that we are somehow inappropriate in our most natural state. We sometimes assume that nude photographs sexualize women, but I would argue that the opposite is true. Banning nude photographs of women sexualizes us, because it implies that we just sexual objects and nothing more. Helmut Newton's photography fought that notion, and set to change the standards of art.