the new party dress

I like doing things differently so I want to change the concept of the 'party dress' having to be a dress. Last week, I was working a night call on Hollywood Blvd., so I saw all these people going out at night (and it was only a Thursday!) It got me thinking -- I'm old...haha, but also, 'what would I wear to go out?'

I haven't been clubbing in years, so I had no idea what was in style for that. There were two types of women out that night: 1. The kind that have given up and were barefoot, and 2. the kind that struggled along

But all of them forgo-ed (forwent?) the party dress and wore some kind of crop top/shorts or skirt combo. That inspired me.

I feel like a party dress should have sparkles, be frilly, and pink and cute. SO I went with a Haute Hippie pink sequin skirt (that I had to take in and make a tulip skirt because it was too big -- but come on! it was on sale :P ).

Here's some similar options -- This BCBG one (on sale!) Or this one for a longer version. I even love this one because its frilly AND sparkly!

And I wore it with tan heels -- Manolos (tried and true), Barney's NY (great price and excellent quality), and BCBG (good price, but you might have to take them off after 4 hours).

I also wanted to take pics in a different area of my house. Yes, that bookcase is double layered, and I've read most of it. And also that's one of my "original" paintings in the back haha..


The top I wore is a Rebecca Minkoff tier tank, it looks good because tucked in it kind of has a crop top look, but it is still long enough to wear with jeans if it's untucked. This is another Rebecca Minkoff top, I love the quality of her silk, it's really luxurious and soft, and not at all sheer. And the ruffle is perfect for a party dress.

This one is also similar, and on sale!

I probably would never be out at a club again, but maybe I'll wear this to an art gallery!


Accessories: Brahmin wristlet, Tiffany's Paloma Picasso Zellige pendant (similar here), Tiffany's Somerset ring, and simple gold hoop earrings.

I also want to get rid of the notion that gold and silver shouldn't be worn together. The accessories I chose are really delicate and feminine, they go well together even though they are mixed metals. The gold matches the insignia on the purse, while the silver matches the print and color of the leather.


And that's your party dress!