pantsuit nation

Pantsuit Nation

Well That Sucked, Now What?

Now we fight. We put our big girl pantsuit on, and we go out and work for what we want in this life.

I never wanted to take a political stand on this blog, but this latest election moved me. The outcome was disastrous, but here are some words of encouragement.

Our society is always moving forward, even though it might not seem that way. Technological advancements, discoveries and findings all point to an intelligence upsurge, at least among our youth. A nation like this has no room for racism, sexism, or any other -ism. People who support this rhetoric of hatred will not be able to keep up with us, and will slink away into obscurity.

From the mud grows the lotus. Now is the perfect time to fight for our rights, our beliefs. Now we will make the changes we want to see in this country. Now we prevail.

I know it might seem silly to talk about OOTDs now, but I want to rep my fellow women today more than ever. We are pantsuit nation!

pantsuit 6

I thought this pantsuit was perfect to wear after this dreadful election. I wanted something that still suits my style.

Vintage Chanel pant suit Ralph Lauren shorts suit Pinstripe suit pants DSQUARED pinstripe suit Mango pinstripe navy suit

pantsuit 4

Now more than ever we have to lift each other up, and I'm excited about the future and the changes we can make, together.

Vince silk chiffon top Vince crepe top Bruno Cucinelli silk top

pantsuit 5 pantsuit 2

A pantsuit deserves my best boss lady shoes -- The Manolo Blahnik slingbacks.

Manolo Blahnik Carolyne Louboutin patent leather pump Paul Andrew sling back flats

pantsuit 1


pantsuit 3

Every pantsuit deserves a little touch of color, it's what makes us stand out and be seen.

Amazonite necklace Nest amazonite bib Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote (here in turquoise)

I truly hope this country can come together after this election. Now more than ever we need to show love to one another, and not let fear make these important decisions for us. Because fear is a liar. I believe it was fear mongering from both sides that led to this result, and we can't let it happen again.