Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Most people generally consider Picasso to be one of the greatest artists of all time. He's certainly revered and admired by many. He is the father of Cubism. His style was risky and unexpected. But did you also know that he treated women like shit?

pablo picasso marie therese walter la reve

One of the most famous subjects of his paintings was Marie Therese, seen above in La Reve, or the dream. She was his mistress for a while (because divorce was illegal and he couldn't leave his wife). He eventually married her and stayed married to her until his death. He had several children with her. And used her ability to have children to torture Dora Maar, one of his mistresses who could not have children.

dora maar pablo picasso painting art cubism women

Picasso was able to capture her heartbreak in beautiful paintings. But he allegedly pitted them against each other and one time even suggested they physically fight over him.

I am not writing this to suggest that everyone should now commence hating Picasso. I just want to share some part of his life that not many people know about. As an artist he had a duty to create art that we will love and admire forever. But didn't he also owe to himself to maintain some morality?

My question is where should he have drawn the line? And also, do you guys think he would have been able to produce the art he has created if he behaved differently? I sincerely hope the answer is 'yes.'


Here's a horrible video I took in his room at the LACMA. There is no photography allowed, so I had to be stealthy ;))