Pablo Neruda -- Poet Of The Day

I love Pablo Neruda because he's real. Even his most famous poem: 'I love without know how, nor when, nor from where' is the most sugar-coated of all his work -- it still doesn't sound perfect.

His relationship with Matilde was very complex. He was married to his second wife when they met and they could not be together publicly until fifteen years later. He was already a public figure at this time, and she had a life of her own. She was an amazing woman who was the first ever female physical therapist in Chile. They both couldn't go public with their affair and Neruda didn't want to hurt his wife. He held off publishing his famous 100 love sonnets until years later.


This poem is incredible. Oftentimes these 'relationship goals' we set for ourselves are unrealistic. Pablo Neruda paints a very real portrait of the complexities of connections between people.

I love that about his poetry. It shows how real life is. Nothing is so cut and dried, and nice and tidy, tied up with a bow. We always think we will meet our soul mate in the simplest way. But life can be messy. I hope you all meet the love of your life when you are willing and able to be with them. But it might not always work out that way. When things seem too complicated, just remember, Neruda wouldn't have been able to give us this poetry if his life was easy and simple.