over the knee boots

I am so glad this trend is still happening this year. I can't remember if it was still in style last year (because I didn't have a fashion blog), but I haven't worn over the knee boots in a really long time. I remember getting these boots when I was doing a major fashion overhaul five or six years ago. I loved how the looked from the front, but wasn't too crazy about the side and back.

over the knee boots 0491

Outfit Details:

Dress: actually a shirt -- similar here, here, and here

Boots: Dolce Vita over the knee boots -- similar YSL here, here, or here

Jacket: Juicy Couture -- found here, here, and here

over the knee boots 0494

I stashed them to the back of my closet, but I didn't get rid of them, because I knew this trend is somewhat of a classic, and eventually will come back again.

I chose a loose-fitting dress/long shirt because I didn't want anything to take away from the boots. A tighter or shorter dress would have looked too Pretty Woman here. I also don't like pants because they look too bulky tucked into such tall boots.

over the knee boots 0488  over the knee boots 0489

The trick with over the knee boots is to leave just a hint of your leg showing. That way, it doesn't look trashy, and it doesn't look like you're going to work in a bog.

I've been told I look tall in pictures, but I'm actually really petite. These boots end a good three inches above my knee. Most other dresses I tried are just a touch too long. I had to go with this dress just because of its' length.

over the knee boots 0487

I love how over the knee boots can make a look sexy in the middle of winter. With all the big bulky sweaters in style now, it's nice to have something that doesn't make us feel frumpy.

I added some red lipstick (MAC Ruby Woo) to really drive the point home ;)

over the knee boots 0490

I usually don't choose the black dress I'm wearing, I think it's too boxy and since it's technically a shirt, it just fits strangely as a dress. However, it really works here. The off-shoulder style is a nice touch. Just goes to show, you should never throw things away! Just kidding.

I'm honestly surprised that this outfit actually worked. I've kept these boots stashed away for so long, I was sure I'd never wear them again. I'm really glad I kept them, and once again, I have to say that a good collection of classics will keep you well-dressed for years!

over the knee boots 0492 over the knee boots 0493

I hope you all had a great weekend, and even though it's hot again in LA, hopefully you can wear your over the knee boots soon!