Outerwear in southern California

Outerwear In Southern California

Every summer, I plan a ton of cute outfits for the winter. And every time "winter" rolls around, it starts raining, and I think 'Well, guess I'll die.' One of my biggest issues was that I didn't have the appropriate outerwear for any winter conditions. So I put together this blog highlighting the different outerwear options for warmer climates.

The Leather Jacket

outerwear 9

One of the easiest and most versatile forms of outerwear is the leather jacket. Here I'm wearing it with my fur collar to mix it up. I love wearing a leather jacket with a dress like this because it makes the whole look dressier. I never liked the punk rock style associated with this jacket.

It's a great look for colder times and the boots are low heel and easy to walk in, making this a great date night look, even in rainy weather.

outerwear 8 outerwear 7

The Long Coat

outerwear 4

I love dressing up, and the holidays are the perfect time for me to bust out all my dresses and high heels. Unfortunately, these clothes are also very cold. Enter, the long coat. This is a great type of outerwear to go with a fancy nighttime look. I love the masculine look of this coat as well, it's such a great statement when it is worn over a tiny dress or something sheer. The long length is also great because it keeps your legs warm without needing hose!

outerwear 6 outerwear 5

The Evening Jacket

outerwear 1

Perhaps one of my favorite, and warmest, jackets is this furry one from H&M. I love wearing it in the winter because it is seriously warm! I like to consider this my cocktail jacket; it's a great outerwear for nights out, or over a long gown. But I like to wear it with simple leggings and tank, that way I stand out and stay comfortable.

outerwear 2outerwear 3



These three types of outerwear really cover every time of outfit and situation you might find yourself in. If you live in warmer climates it can get super overwhelming choosing outfits once it finally gets cold for a few days :PPP

My love of trench coats is well documented in this blog, and I purposely left them out because I'm trying to do things differently! There'll be plenty of trenches once spring rolls around.