how to fake a one piece

I always wanted to have a chic one piece suit. The problem with a one piece suit, however, is that you have to take off the whole thing to go to the bathroom. It's really hard to be chic and polished when you constantly pull your entire outfit off and put it back on. So I thought I'd find a way to seamlessly fake a one piece.

one piece 0111

It seems like a no-brainer, I mean you just put on a shirt and pants. And that's what I did!

The trick to faking a one piece is in the v-neck shirt. I wanted it to look like this Theory jumpsuit, but a bit more polished, like this Halston suit. I also like the all-black DVF suit.

I remember seeing this Theory jumpsuit in a window and recreating it with a tank and pants. It looked a little casual, but this Parker one is more polished. This Joie one piece looks even more like the chic suit I envisioned.

one piece 0114     one piece 0112

The whole point of faking a one piece is to avoid buying something you don't need. I read an article in the New Yorker about how during a recession people cut back on unnecessary things, like fancy hair treatments or manicures. To make up for the loss in revenue, salons and stylists made up a bunch of 'new' things to convince the consumer they need them, and get them back into the salons. Really, a lot of these procedures were exactly the same as what was done before, just with a different name.

The fashion industry behaves the same way with a lot of things. Many of these jumpsuits can be recreated with what is already in your closet.

I'm not really a jeans girl, so I'm a big fan of these gap pants. They're classic, and a staple, and easy to incorporate into many different looks. These pants would look even better in a one piece fakery attempt.

one piece 0115

To work well, the top should match perfectly with the pants. That's easy when it's an all-black outfit. I also like a silk shirt as it would give the look that polished feel that jumpsuits have.

This Parker top is a great choice because of the v-neck, also the loose silhouette will look good with the tighter pants. This Joie top also helps pull off the one piece look. And this Alice + Olivia is a one piece already! But you still have to wear some pants with it ;)

one piece 0116

Yes, I'm wearing the same shoes as the last post, and that is kind of the point of having a classic tan pump. You'll wear them all the time! The Manolos are expensive, but as you can see, I'm getting my money's worth.

For an almost identical shoe at a much better price, I recommend these Ivanka Trump heels. They're comfortable and really good quality.

I love all Louboutins, and these would look great here with the red lipstick!

one piece 0113

The jewelry is simple here, a Gorjana bar necklace and gold cuff. I think a big bracelet is a perfect choice for a one piece.

I love the gold cuff I have, but can't remember who it's by. Here's a similar Dannijo cuff on sale! This Lanvin cuff is great, but a bit pricey. This cuff is another awesome choice.

The structure of this cuff is really cool, it reminds me of something Frank Gehry would make. It's actually similar to some of the things in this Tiffany's line.


Thanks for reading and have an awesome week!