On The Beach At Night

On The Beach At Night -- Walt Whitman

Today's poem of the day is Walt Whitman's On The Beach At Night.

on the beach at night walt whitman poetry poet view trees

I probably should have taken this photo on the beach at night, but the light might not be too good :PPP

One of m favourite lines in poetry is found in this poem:

'They are immortal, all those stars both silvery and golden shall shine out again, The great stars and the little ones shall shine out again, they endure'

Lately, I've been thinking aout how we feel we're not getting what we want, like we're not even close. I've had that feeling a lot, and I always remember that I don't know what's happening behind the scenes. Everything we get can be thrown away if we think it's not what we want. Or we can take everything we receive with gratitude and trust that it is a component of something much greater. And we will see only in the future how it all comes together.

I love that about art. How it makes us think and puts our lives in perspective.

Later on in the poem Walt Whitman changes his tone and style of the poem. He goes on to say that there is something much greater than all the stars, planets, and moons. What do you think he was talking about?