my actual NYE outfit

I know in the previous entry I was all about the Balmain look, but I already wore it before with the people I'm going to see. So this is my actual NYE outfit ;) nye outfit 0845

I find big parties for New Year's Eve a bit overrated. In Russian tradition, Santa Claus (or Father Frost, as we call him), comes on new year's eve to leave presents under the tree. For the entire time I've lived stateside, I never strayed from this tradition. For this reason, my NYE outfit is rather simple, since I'll be spending it with family. And I get presents!

nye outfit 0847 nye outfit 0846

I wanted a simpler top for this NYE outfit, but one that's still dressy, so this ecru tank with jewels on the collar was my choice. Also, I recently re-found it in my closet ;)

Since it is the highlight of the outfit, some simple black pants will do here.

I'm wearing my trusty ol' Gap pants. I love them for any and all occasions, and these are another great option.

My go-to choice for slacks (and tops and sweaters) is Vince. I love these cropped pants, and if you are petite like me, they become full length pants! These Vince trousers are great if you want a warmer pant for winter.

nye outfit 0843

I didn't want to do a necklace or big earrings since it's all so close to the bejeweled collar, so I went with a big bracelet. Mine is Antik Batik, which I can't find anywhere anymore, but you can recreate a bangle with some of these sets (Calvin Klein, Ippolita). I also love this DANNIJO cuff, which would be so perfect here.


I always wanted some lace heels, like these Manolos, but didn't want my foot to show. These Givenchy are really similar to mine (and on sale)!

These Louboutin pumps are amazing and really high drama; they would be great here, as the rest of the outfit is quite simple. I also love the embellished lace on these. nye outfit 0842

This top is the center of this NYE outfit, so I went with a light ecru colour -- like this Parker top. I didn't want to wear white, but this top is great because the all-over embellishment makes it less stark.

You can't really tell by looking at it, but the top is completely sheer. I love that you can't see through it, but some contrast, like this Kaufman tank, would be nice. This Generation Love tank has a really similar neckline, but it's a t-shirt. A little more embellishment, like this Parker top is perfect for an NYE outfit.

nye outfit 0844  nye outfit 0841


Have a great New Year's Eve, be safe, and I'll see you next year! ;)