[easy-image-collage id=623] Vogue has a section of the magazine titled 'Nostalgia.'

I was watching the second season of Mad Men when I came across the episode when Don visits Los Angeles, that episode made me think of an article I read in Vogue about early 60s LA. It was written by a woman who was an architect (or maybe her husband was an architect -- I can't remember). They built Simon and Garfunkel's LA home back in the 60s during their heyday (I do believe I remember reading about Simon or Garfunkel kissing some guy back then too).

But the point of the article was that in the early 60s in Los Angeles everyone just lived with their doors open; no one locked the door, you could wake up and someone could be in your kitchen and it was fine! It wasn't dangerous or scary because everything belonged to everyone else. It was the pre-hippie period. And then the Manson murders took place and everything changed. Everyone locked their doors, became more 'safe,' and the entire landscape of life in this city was different.

I never wanted to be a hippie, being dirty, barefoot, in bellbottom pants and fringe -- it is so unflattering ;)

But that early 60s period is the one point in history I am jealous I didn't get to experience.

nostalgia xxx

When I took the pictures of this outfit, there was something that just screamed vintage to me. It is not the vintage style, it's a very modern dress, but maybe it's the red lipstick and earrings. This outfit made me think of the Nostalgia article, and how well I'd fit in in the early 60s.

nostalgia2 nostalgia5

I could always see myself in that time period, meeting artists in clubs, summering in Palm Springs, reading Frank O'Hara. A lot of people tell me they could see me that way too.

I didn't want to add too much of a vintage feel. I honestly don't like that look. I think the jewelry adds a bit of an older feel to this outfit, while the dress remains modern.

nostalgia ACC


Dress: Elizabeth and James, similar here, here, or here

(this Balmain is not for the faint of heart, neither is this Stella McCartney)

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik -- similar here, here, and here

Clutch: Banana Republic -- similar here, here, and here

Earrings: Adia Kibur -- similar here or here

Bracelet: Ralph Lauren toggle -- similar here


I wasn't around in the 60s but for some reason I still have nostalgia for that time period. Maybe I remember it from a past life ;)