new york fashion week

New York fashion week is upon us. It's always an ambivalent time for me, I love all the fashion, but it's too hot to wear any of it. Also it doesn't feel right wearing next season's clothes this season.

Here's some of my favorite looks so far.

I loved Tome. I haven't really heard much about this designer until now, but all these looks reminded me of Prabal Gurung's Fall 2015 line, which I loved. The combination of big sweaters and jackets and silk dresses is one of my favorites.

New york fashion week _0155 New york fashion week _0154 New york fashion week _0153 New york fashion week _0151

The white top reminds me of a Robert Rodriguez top in my closet that I oft forget about. This line will definitely (hopefully) inspire my fashion choices for the year to come.

Whenever I think 'inspiration' it usually means what I would wear that is similar to the look I just saw. It might be biased, but I find something inspiring based on if I can recreate it in my own closet.

New york fashion week _0165

I loved @lespetitejoueurs (left) New York Fashion Week look of wearing a crop top under a blazer. I know it's been done before, and when I saw this Ohne Titel look I knew I would have to try it this time around.

New york fashion week _0146New york fashion week _0148 New york fashion week _0147

The metallic top is something I don't see very often, so I'm excited to try it. The dress on the right is my favorite length of hem. The loose cut also reminds me of my McQueen dress that I will be pulling to wear asap.


This Zimmerman look has another hem I love. The fitted dress and frilly bottom reminds me of ballerina dresses, and one specific Elizabeth and James dress in my closet with a sheer yoke. Can't wait to wear it!

New york fashion week _0160

I love the shoes as well, but everything else from this line is too Victorian for me. I have a Phillip Lim top with a high neckline, but its hard to make a look like that work for everyday wear.



New york fashion week _0163

Givenchy, probably the most talked about designer at New York Fashion week, was not my fave. The top above is great, however. I love a good tuxedo shirt, and making it completely sheer except for the front makes it very feminine and beautiful.

New york fashion week _0162 New york fashion week _0161

The majority of the collection was heavily lingerie inspired. I felt like it was a little rehashed. Every time I see all these sheer fabrics I think of Fendi Spring 2010, my all time favorite collection to date. Sheer tops, raw edges, asymmetrical hems, and messy hair were nailed perfectly in that collection, and every Givenchy look just made me think of that. Here's a link to this divine collection. I can't even pick my top four favorite looks, they are all so great.


New york fashion week _0159 New york fashion week _0158

White pants! I saw a lot of these this fashion week, on the runway and on the street, so they're definitely a must this year as well.

Cushnie at Ochs had one of my favorite beauty looks so far. The yellow dress is gorgeous and I love the big chain and the model's dark lipstick. It's such a great match for her skin and the yellow hue of the dress.

New york fashion week _0157 New york fashion week _0156


Yigal Azrouel caught my attention with the print on the right. This whole collection was very minimal, and a black and white print is a great way to mix that up. I will definitely be looking at black and white prints for the coming seasons.

The dress on the left is another beautiful piece. I realized I haven't seen this bluish-lilac color in a while, which is too bad. The bodice of the dress is gorgeous as well, and I can't wait to pull out something similar.


New york fashion week _0150 (1) New york fashion week _0149

Crop tops are still very much around, and I loved the loose look of the Adam Selman top. I have made all my crop tops myself, and I love having a looser top. It's just more flattering on a short upper body.

The look on the right is another dress I've seen around a lot. The frilly top and off-shoulder look is a great addition to Spring.

(I apologize for my screen-grabbed photos, but it was the only way I could match every designer to their clothes!)



Of course, I wish I was there, but this is my best attempt to recapping New York Fashion week from home!!

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