attempt at 'modern-day scrapbooking'

What is scrapbooking in the digital age? I hope it's using a bunch of apps, because that's what I did. Behold, my attempt at 'modern-day scrapbooking'

modern-day scrapbooking 0265 the broad

What to do in downtown Los Angeles for five hours? Granted, we planned to go there, it's not like we were stranded for five hours, but still, there was plenty to fill my phone with.

First stop: The Broad (pronounced the bro-de)

modern-day scrapbooking 0267 the broad

This work was incredibly detailed, with a patterned background and layers on top of each other.

modern-day scrapbooking 0276 the broad

Shrooms!! High school was a fun time for me.

modern-day scrapbooking 0257 the broad

These Murakami murals remind me of Buddhist mosaics (Mandalas), they spent weeks working on them, and the work itself is a meditative practice. It must have felt like that to make these paintings.

modern-day scrapbooking 0260 the broad

Ads from magazines promoting race-erasure, with a document from the Tuskegee syphilis study printed on top. So bold and so beautiful.

modern-day scrapbooking 0258 the broad modern-day scrapbooking 0259 the broad  modern-day scrapbooking 0261 the broad modern-day scrapbooking 0262 the broad

john Baldessari needs no introduction (or outro-duction) but I will say this.. There will be a gallery opening with his art on February 23 in LA!

modern-day scrapbooking 0266 the broad

My grandfather was in jail when he was 18 years old in relation to some Red vs. White Army conflict. He told us he met Fanny Kaplan during this time, she even loaned him books. This all allegedly happened after the KGB pronounced her dead. He vehemently swore that the date of her reported death was actually incorrect.

modern-day scrapbooking 0268 the broad

Why do I like butterflies so much? Here are some people who said better than me:

"The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough." Poems on Time -- Rabindranath Tagore

"You see, every detail, every gesture, as slight as it may be, reveals an infinity of truths and thus has an endless repercussion and grandiose effects." Happenstance -- destiny man.

This contemporary representation really exemplifies the "butterfly effect."

modern-day scrapbooking 0263 the broad

Basquait in all his glory.

modern-day scrapbooking 0264 the broad

Is this Marcel Duchamp's Fountain?

A urinal turned on its' side and called Fountain was a very controversial work in the 1920s. It was considered by some of my professors to belong in the Imagism section of modern art. But for the life of me, I can't remember why. Was it because it was stripped down? Or because it questioned the 'meaning of art?'

modern-day scrapbooking 0274 the broad

I wanted to touch this very badly

modern-day scrapbooking 0277 the broad

Kara Walker's paintings reminded me of Danish political cartoons I found in my bookcase when I was cleaning. The artist, Herluf Bidstrup, was also inspired by the current events of the time: racial inequality, segregation, and racism.

What I found most interesting was the Russian translation on the back of Bidstrup's paintings, explaining what was happening in the cartoon. We often don't realize how different things are in other places in the world.

modern-day scrapbooking 0270 the broad

Walt Disney Concert Hall peeking through.


Second stop: sketchy parking lot (sorry, no photos)


Third stop: Perch

modern-day scrapbooking 0269 perch

Perch LA definitely had a speakeasy vibe, from the doorman guiding us to a second elevator to take us up to the restaurant, to the complexities of ordering.

Couches and purple back chairs are acceptable for aperitifs and drinks, while everything else requires full dinner service.

modern-day scrapbooking 0272 perchmodern-day scrapbooking 0271 perch  modern-day scrapbooking 0273 perch

Food was great even though I still haven't finished it. It was a huge portion for an appetizer. I didn't try the drinks, but based off two completely wasted people we passed from the elevator, they are STRONG.


The view in the restaurant was gorgeous:

modern-day scrapbooking 0278 downtown la modern-day scrapbooking 0275 downtown la

Panorama view of the city: modern-day scrapbooking WIN