In keeping with yesterday's blog, where I talked about wardrobe clustering to minimize unnecessary purchases, today's theme is Minimalism. Wardrobe clusters are comprised of basics, I prefer to stick to black and white, which always resonate minimalism. Here's the thing though, hopefully you can tell, what makes minimalism work is the quality of the clothes.


It's not any ol' white shirt and black pants combo. It would be really easy for that to go awry (into sweatpants territory -gasp-)

My pants are from Gap, they're called the ultra skinny. I love these pants, I bought two pairs just in case, and it all came out to 50 bucks. Gap has a lot of sales and discounts.

They look just like jeans, but they're slacks, lighter fabric, and have some stretch to it. They also have a line down the back of the legs, which adds just a bit of flair. They're perfect for the minimalism style.

The only thing I don't like is they don't have belt loops. I'm wearing a belt with this outfit (this one, from Gap as well) so if you need belt loops, I recommend these slacks, they're just a little less skinny, but still fit and look great.

minimalismminimalism back bw

For shoes, obviously the best choice is the Manolo Chaos. These shoes were inspired by minimalism, so what better choice is there? These B.P. sandals from Nordstrom are a much friendlier price though.

I chose patent leather, because, once again, it adds an interesting element without being too "trendy." These sandals can literally be found anywhere these days, but I think their simple style will ensure they stay on trend for years to come.

And finally, my piece de resistance, the Vince silk tank. I know it might sound silly, but this simple silk white top has the ability to transform any ordinary skirt or pant into a designer creation.

I've had that top for years (five probably), and although it does have some scarring, it still looks amazing. Every time I wear this outfit, I get compliments on the street. I always wonder what it is...I'm just wearing a top and pants. It's the quality of these items that makes the outfit look super chic.


For accessories I chose my Phillip Lim for Target bag; I love this bag, but it has a scuff on the handle, so I will need to replace it. Obviously I want this Celine bag, who doesn't? But I think I just might go for this Madewell glasgow satchell. I have a couple of their things and the quality is amazing. Or maybe a Rebecca Minkoff bag.

My jewelry is super simple as well, to stay on the minimalism trend. Elizabeth and James ring (I've been eyeing this set as well). Simple gold chain, and the Gorjana bar necklace.

And that is all my loves! Have a great weekend

xo --