Mapplethorpe at the Getty

Mapplethorpe at the Getty. I love going to the Getty any time I feel like I need to get some perspective on life, or to get out of my head.

mapplethorpe at the getty 0235

It sits on top of a hill, and the views of the city below always inspire me, and make me realize how minuscule my problem might be in the genral scheme of things.

mapplethorpe at the getty 0163

The way the light hits this (now dry) fountain goes hand in hand with the photography exhibit I got to see.mapplethorpe at the getty 0176 mapplethorpe at the getty 0169

Saturdays are the perfect days to go to the Getty because they are open until 9 pm. It's great to catch the sun set on the geometric and angular shapes of the structure. mapplethorpe at the getty 0170mapplethorpe at the getty 0167

I love textures, and Getty is not lacking in that respect.

I love how the vines end right at the angle of the wall.  mapplethorpe at the getty 0172

Mapplethrope at the Getty was an amazing exhibit. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Check it out if you can, it is up until July 31 of this year.

mapplethorpe at the getty 0164

Mapplethorpe's photography had an important impact on society at the time. Gay people, minorities, and many others did not receive equal treatment in society during that time (or even today). His photographs inspired me to look at our history, to consider the time period when these photos were taken.

There are people in our country who, to this day, do not have some of the simple rights of being a human being. Equality isn't equality if it is not for everybody. Freedom isn't freedom if it is not given to every single person.

The beauty of art is that it inspires us to see our world a different way.

mapplethorpe at the getty 0171

Samuel Wagstaff was Mapplethorpe's partner and art collector. It was through Mapplethorpe that he realized the importance of photography in the art world. His collection is one of the most thorough in the world.

What Wagstaff did for Mapplethorpe and vice versa was imperative to the art world as we know it, and shaped them both as artists. They inspired each other, Wagstaff with his collection, and Mapplethorpe with his photography.

At a time when gay people didn't have equal rights or opportunity, Wagstaff and Mapplethorpe had a truly equal partnership.

mapplethorpe at the getty 0168

Leaving the exhibit, I was inspired by Mapplethorpe's use of light, especially in his floral photography. I saw it everywhere I looked.mapplethorpe at the getty 0232mapplethorpe at the getty 0173 mapplethorpe at the getty 0175 mapplethorpe at the getty 0177

I love the light the setting sun casts on the angles of the structure. It's a deliberate juxtaposition of soft light and hard shapes.

mapplethorpe at the getty 0180 mapplethorpe at the getty 0230 mapplethorpe at the getty 0231 mapplethorpe at the getty 0165

If only that water bottle wasn't there..


I hope you all enjoyed my photos, and have a chance to see Mapplethorpe at the Getty!