Love Sex And What To Wear

I called this blog 'Love Sex And What To Wear,' but never really talked about love.I had one guy years ago whom I considered 'the one who got away.' Although I don't really call him that anymore, sometimes I still wonder when he's going to apologize to me. I mean, that's what this outfit is for!

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All kidding aside, having my relationship not work out was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It forced me to digest some hard truths about myself, figure out what I want, and what I need to do to have the kind of life I desire.


I realized that a lot of my relationships have been based on fear. Fear of being alone, fear of never finding anyone else, fear that this is it. All these things are absolutely not true, and I believe acting on them is damaging not just to us but to the lives of people we are supposed to be with.

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Other people can't make us happy; only we can do that.

I want to be a well-rounded person, and seeking that is my source of happiness. No one's presence (or lack thereof) can take that away. In the end, I think this self-assurance makes our relationships stronger, and more worthwhile.

My relationship years ago ended because I didn't realize this. My desire for someone else to give me everything I wanted was just too much.


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I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses here. Have I been saying 'favourite dress' way too much, or what?

Amanda Uprichard silk dress -- similar here, here

This Donna Morgan dress -- in peach, is a strapless version. And this dress from Saks is a more covered up option

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Shoes: Manolo Blahnik pump -- similar Louboutin, Ivanka Trump

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I chose this jacket because it reminded me of an Isabel Marant Etoile -- similar Neiman Marcus, IRO jacket.

It's a perfect jacket to throw over a summer dress in the evening, once it gets warmer.


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Jewelry: Turquoise drop earrings -- similar here, here, and here


I still believe things happen for a reason. And everything that we do afterwards can add meaning to a seemingly 'negative' thing that happens to us.


If you're single this Valentine's Day, just know that you'll never be lonely if you like the person you're with ;)