Lingerie As Clothes


Lingerie As Clothes

For today's post I wanted to talk about lingerie, clothes, and lingerie AS clothes. And, of course, I need some reason to post all these gratuitous naked shots ;PP

Lingerie as clothes is nothing new. Since we started wearing bralets as tops years ago, they've started looking more and more like bras. Like this Victoria's Secret bralet (, $64.50).

To be honest, I kind of like Victoria's Secret spring line, it's all white and airy and dreamy. And just so you know, I shot mine first!

victoria's secret dream angels wicked demi lingerie whitevictoria's secret dream angels wicked demi lingerie white french

I love unlined bras, and finally Victoria's Secret has them in stock. They probably don't qualify for lingerie AS clothes, but they look really great under because they don't have all that extra foam.


Another trend I've been seeing lately is wearing a lace bodysuit as a top under shorts or jeans.

victoria's secret dream angels wicked demi lingerie bodysuit sheer lace

I don't know about this trend to be honest, it seems a little too much like just wearing underwear to me, but I think some of these more modest bodysuits would look okay.


And finally, my favourite piece of lingerie, stockings! These are definitely appropriate for outerwear, but probably with something else over it!

victoria's secret dream angels wicked demi lingerie white stockings pantyhose tights

I love the line down the back, it might seem old school, but this is something that will always be around. Anything with lace is my favourite, especially when it comes to lingerie. I love knowing I'm wearing this under my clothes even if no one will get to see it.

I think it's more important that we feel sexy and beautiful, rather than if someone else confirms it. So if wearing lingerie as clothes makes you happy, I say go for it! It IS 2017, after all.